Collection: LilFood Dog Treats - Aussie made in Melbourne!

NEW LilFood Doggy Treats now available!

A healthy mainstream alternative to all the junk 'Big Pet Food' brands.

Look after your dog with the power of positive nutrition. Why? To boost your dogs mood and behaviour, paw in paw with their physical health.

'Aussie Owned, Aussie Made' so we only source the finest & freshest meat & seafood from local organisations who best understand and value the quality of our unique products.

Whether you are rewarding good behaviour or more simply keeping your four-legged friend occupied, we have something suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

We know more than anyone how becoming a dog owner transforms you into a ‘dog person’, and that ‘dog people’ put their dogs best interest at heart - so we only use human-grade ingredients that are 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives.

The artisan method of dehydrating involves slowly heating and then cooling which removes all the moisture & eliminates potentially harmful pathogens whilst protecting the nutritional integrity of the product. The result is a healthy, pure & nutritional treat with no nasty's and a long shelf-life.

Products are hand-packed with the highest quality packaging and then heat sealed to maintain freshness. 

Now packed in home compostable packaging bags!

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