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Snoopy Apple Pie Yog Dog

Snoopy Apple Pie Yog Dog

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Snoopy Apple Pie Dog Yog Ice Cream Treat - 120ml

Dog Yog is a cultured ice cream for dogs, made using goats milk kefir - a creamy fermented milk drink great for your dogs gut & digestive health.

- A slice of gut health heaven
- Boasting probiotics and tummy loving nutrients
- All the goodness of apple pie minus the naughtiness
- A collaboration for the ages , combining a secret formula of apple, oats & cinnamon. A classic flavour to honour a classic dog.

Ingredients: goat milk, goat milk kefir, water, coconut nectar, gelatine, goat milk powder, oats, apple powder, ceylon cinnamon.


DOG YOG is a frozen treat for dogs packed with our goats milk kefir. It combines the benefits of natural probiotics, prebiotics and superfoods to support your dogs gut and benefit their digestive health, whilst providing a cooling, lickable treat.

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Customer Reviews

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Kim McAlister
Thank you LilFood!

High quality, easy to collect, great service and GiGi loves Snoopy Apple Pie Yog Dog (as well as tasty meals)! No problem with change to diet. We are not going back to other meal options and will be sticking with LilFood always.


She loved it. Good for hot summer treats