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Blueberry & Peanut Butter Yog

Blueberry & Peanut Butter Yog

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BlueBerry & Peanut Butter Dog Yog 120ml

Dog Yog is a cultured ice cream for dogs, made using goats milk kefir - a creamy fermented milk drink great for your dogs gut & digestive health.

  • Contains goats milk kefir - a natural probiotic. 
  • Goats milk is high in essential vitamins & minerals.
  • Blueberries support the immune system containing antioxidants, plus studies show they are have anti-aging properties too! 
  • Peanut Butter contains healthy fats & fibre.

Can be given as a treat at any time of the day ... ice cream for breakfast. 

Ingredients: goat milk, goat milk kefir, water, blueberries, 100% peanut butter, coconut nectar, gelatine, goat milk powder.


DOG YOG is a frozen treat for dogs packed with our goats milk kefir. It combines the benefits of natural probiotics, prebiotics and superfoods to support your dogs gut and benefit their digestive health, whilst providing a cooling, lickable treat.

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Customer Reviews

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Super happy pooches

My 2 fussy pooches scoffed this yummy treat. They are now trying all other flavours. Amazing flavours, very affordable prices.