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Newly established in 2023 in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick by Marc and Shinta. LilFood originates from our beloved dog, Lily. Our families have been feeding our dogs these delicious handmade meals, using fresh produce for generations living long, healthy and happy lives – One of our key beliefs are you are what you eat!

Our mission is for others to give their dog this opportunity to thrive and flourish due to a healthy fresh food diet.  Your dog deserves to be able to get all the necessary vitamins and nutrition which fresh food, but in a tasty meal they will love!

LilFood complete & balanced recipes are recommended by vets, using ingredients with all the required nutrients and vitamins needed for healthy dogs without preservatives or hidden nasties- The dogs love the taste and always leave an empty bowl.

Some time ago, we started dog-sitting other dogs and they would be given all sorts of expensive pet food varieties, but once they got a taste of our LilFood recipe even the fussiest eater would always leave an empty bowl.

We pride ourselves on using only the freshest local seasonal ingredients your dog will love it – So much so we offer a money back guarantee if your dog is not satisfied.

We don't use single use plastics and all packaging is either reusable or home compostable - Having a eco-conscious and sustainable approach is non-negotiable in our business.

Be a pawsome parent & let your dog thrive on LilFood xx

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