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A dog meal topper is a supplementary food product that is added to a dog's regular kibble meal. Whilst Dry food is usually cheaper than fresher food options it is often lacking the necessary vitamins and dietary ingredients needed for a healthy dog to enhance nutrition as well as flavor and overall mealtime experience. 

These toppers come in various forms, including freeze-dried, dehydrated, wet or preferably fresh food options – If you are selecting the right topper, it should contain high-quality fresh ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and sometimes additional superfood nutrients.

Here are some potential benefits of using dog meal toppers:

  1. Improved Palatability: Toppers can make the dog's regular dry food more appealing, especially for picky eaters. The added flavors and textures can entice dogs to eat their meals more eagerly.
  2. Nutritional Boost: Many meal toppers are formulated to provide additional nutrients that may complement a dog's regular diet. This can be especially beneficial for dogs with specific dietary requirements or those who need extra nutrients due to age, health conditions, or activity levels.
  3. Variety in Diet: Introducing different flavors and textures through meal toppers can add variety to a dog's diet. This can be enjoyable for the dog and may help prevent food boredom.
  4. Hydration: Fresh good meal toppers contribute to a dog's overall hydration. This can be particularly useful for dogs that may not drink enough water, especially in dry or hot climates.
  5. Enhanced Digestibility: Meal toppers should contain ingredients that can aid in digestion. For example, toppers should include natural foods like carrots, broccoli, kale, green beans. Foods rich in probiotics like broccoli, sweet potato or kefir that promote a healthy gut.
  6. Special Dietary Needs: Toppers can be tailored to meet specific dietary needs. For instance, there are toppers designed for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities, providing an alternative protein source.
  7. Weight Management: Toppers can be used strategically to manage a dog's weight. For example, a lower-calorie topper might be added to reduce the overall caloric content of the meal while still providing amazing flavours.

Dry food is often lacking the necessary vitamins and dietary ingredients needed for a healthy dog.  It's important to note that while meal toppers can offer massive benefits, you will get best results moving to a whole fresh food diet.

When selecting a topper ensure it is balanced and complete with your dogs required vitamin and nutritional needs.

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