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Activ Daily Probiotic & Postbotic

Activ Daily Probiotic & Postbotic

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A general health supplement putting billions of colony forming units (CFU) into your dogs microbiome.

Known to assist with:
Improving Digestive Health
Minimising Diarrhea
Reducing Skin Rashes
Assisting with Anxiety Issues
Fighting Infections
Post Antibiotics Recovery
Reducing & Preventing Yeast Infections
Reducing Paw Licking & Scratching

It's time to meet Postbiotics, the new kid on the block!

Postbiotics are much less widely known than both Prebiotics and Probiotics, but recent research suggests that they have an equally important role, if not more important, in maintaining and improving our Dogs Health. 

In fact, most of the health benefits that have been attributed to Probiotics may indeed be due to Postbiotics.
As your dog’s microbiome assists with the daily Operations of their Body, communicating with distant Organs and Influencing many aspects of their Health and Wellbeing, it plays a crucial role in everything from their mood to their digestion and immune system. 

We are only now fully understanding the importance of good gut health and the Microbiome, the Gut is consistently exposed to broad harmful pathogens from the external environment. It acts as a barrier against infections, involves in digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune response. Any disruption and dysfunction in the gut microenvironment can cause huge implications on the general well-being of our Dogs. 

The ADH Postbiotic Game Changer: what we do and what it does for your Dog!

As part of our supplements, we provide dog owners with our specially formulated canine Probiotic strains fermented into Activ Dog Health canine Postbiotics.

In a similar manner to how the gut ferments Pre and Probiotics to create Postbiotic metabolites, Activ dog health grows the Postbiotics through an all natural fermentation process. We then make a healthy treat with this formula for our dogs to consume, ensuring they remain healthy and happy.

Postbiotic metabolites are key ingredients for a healthy microbiome! In the coming months and years you will hear a lot about Postbiotics and their benefits, we only now really understanding their crucial role in gut health and a healthy microbiome.

During the first two weeks, you will notice increased nutrient absorption through weight gain. We have observed that some dogs on our Postbiotics require 20% less food, which is both a great saving and a demonstration of the fact that nutrients are absorbed more effectively. There will likely be a tremendous improvement in the coat health and also in their stools.

We have found that our postbiotics increase your dogs’ health and wellbeing, reducing the amount of visits they need to the vet. Preventative medicine makes the old saying “a healthy gut makes a healthy dog” more true.

All our Supplement Products are Veterinarian and Pet approved !

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Great results

Only a couple of weeks in but her stools are much better and coat as always super shiny